PSA: if I’m at a party and we’re drinking and I don’t trust that my friend is sober enough to drive, I’m going to intervene. I’m gonna ask them to do stupid stuff like walk a line and recite the alphabet and it’s not to ridicule them or make them out to be a lightweight. When your parents are retired police officer and fire chief and you’ve grown up listening to stories about them having to pry the body of someone’s child off their windshield because they were drinking and wrapped their car around a lamp post, drunk driving isn’t something you take lightly. So, if I ask a friend to do ridiculous sobriety tests, it’s because I don’t want them to be a 911 call at 4 am. I don’t want to go to a funeral in two weekends from now. I don’t want to lose anymore friends. So fucking listen to me.

Sammy Slabbinck

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I feel like I did after my grandma passed away and I was really annoyed by everything




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